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Event - clean sea and ... here!!

VENTOTENE. And 'the beach of Cala Nave to receive the Blue Flag award, a piece of the coast which reveals the dark sand volcanic island that hosts it. On the seabed are present small stones and gravel agglomerations. This small cove, part of the Marine Park Ventotene, is surrounded by a cordon of vegetation and is easily reached on foot, perhaps through the scenic tunnels dug in the high tufa formations that protect the beach. The natural scenery is home anyway facilities equipped with umbrellas, canoes and dining options. SUMMER 2021
Ventotene - events, clean sea and ... here!!

  • news.....
  • Location - ventotene
  • Address - l'isola...
  • Starting date: 18/07/2021
  • Ending date: 10/10/2021

Event - inaugurazione sala polivalente

On July 22, 2013, will be inaugurated the new multipurpose room, beautiful is all 'vanguard This is a flagship of our island, created to host conferences, incentives, workshops, business meetings and all events that require a' elegant and multifunctional! in the presence of gods numerous authorities, the designer Ing. Nicola Bosco will present the project that gave birth to this innovative structure! The event is open to all!
Ventotene - events, inaugurazione sala polivalente

  • evento
  • Location - Isola di Ventotene
  • Address - calariossano
  • Starting date: 05/04/2019
  • Ending date: 06/04/2019

Event - The Island Party!!!

September 10 to 21 Ventotene is celebrating ...... We invite you to participate in the games (swimming race, tug of war, those who eat more? Sack race and many other fun races ..) also there will be fireworks on the sea, the launch of the beautiful hot air balloons with artistic decorations "fruit the skill of the young Islanders, "the procession through the streets of the country S.Candida exciting and" unique "you there!! for information and reservations please call the office at nr.077185273
Ventotene - events, The Island Party!!!

  • Patronal Feast
  • Location - Isola di Ventotene
  • Address - Tutta.....l'Isola
  • Starting date: 10/09/2021
  • Ending date: 21/09/2021

Event - spring-summer-autumn-winter

Here .... not serve so many parties and events ...... just get on the island and you have everything .... !!!
Ventotene - events, spring-summer-autumn-winter

  • spring-summer-autumn-winter
  • Location - Isola di Ventotene
  • Address - tutta l'Isola
  • Starting date: 18/07/2021
  • Ending date: 10/10/2021